Software Development and Integration Lab Support (SDIL)

  • Lab task and resource management framework project for NASA and Boeing
  • Generic, complex script and process sequencer application for NASA and Boeing
  • Network and machine monitoring and notification application for NASA and Boeing
  • Columbus Ground System integration into SDIL by developing custom application extensions

Cargo/Carrier Integration & Operation

  • Payload integration and operation services to the Shuttle and ISS programs over the last 13 years resulting in 12 successfully flown missions of Astrium’s Integrated Cargo Carrier (ICC)
  • Transport of more than 50 unpressurized cargo elements (over 34,000 pounds) into LEO
  • Permanent attachment of 2 Astrium North America owned External Stowage Platforms to the ISS (ESP-2 & ESP-3)
  • Design, manufacture, test and certification of carrier and deployment hardware, avionics and flight support equipment

Simulator Platform Operations

  • Columbus (COL-SVF) and ATV Simulator platform integration at ISS Sonny Carter facility
  • ATV and Columbus simulator facility certification
  • ATV “flight following” and on-orbit anomaly support
  • Columbus simulator operations in support of ISS training and simulations

Increment Management Support & Columbus Training

  • Increment management support for 12 ISS Increments to date
  • Real-time interface between European and NASA ISS Operations Teams
  • Over 10 years of astronaut training for Columbus systems including lessons development
  • Joint NASA/ESA simulations management